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Pure adventure is our banner. Be it on land or on sea, we aim to experience the very essence of every activity we start.

We are flexible. Our proposed trips are just guidelines and you are more than welcome to suggest your preferred activities so we can adjust the schedule according to your wishes. Mountainbiking, hiking, surfing, skydiving, climbing, paddling, photographing, you name it, we organize it. Experience the adventure with us, the adventure you’ll never forget, never regret.

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What We Offer?

Ultimate adventure experience

Our knowledge and experience + your wishes = THE BEST TAILOR MADE ADVENTURE

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Experience a life on the sea.

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We had an incredible sailing experience! Excellent hosts in a beautiful boat and location.


We went sailing along the Croatian coast. We have never laughed, relaxed and enjoyed more than we did during our short five day trip. Can't wait to do it again soon!


Andraz was our skipper for a week while we sailed in the Mediterranean. He was organized, enthusiastic and fun, always making sure we were comfortable and accomodated for. Thank you for such a fun trip!



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