About Us

Pure adventure is our banner. Be it on land or on sea, we aim to experience the very essence of every activity we start.


Do you want to experience the World we live on in pristine manner, see the life outside the destinations that are spoiled by today’s mass tourism? Do you prefer to travel in small groups of similarly thinking individuals? Would you like to reach the remote places on our planet, the sea beaches where you don’t have to fight for a free deck chair, the virgin desert sands where the only track is the one that we are making?

Would you like to sail, explore the unique beauty of the Adriatic and Mediterranean islands, enjoying calm nights anchored in lonely bays, tasting delicious locally prepared food and wine?


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Not A Tourist Agency - your local partner for safe and discrete time off

We promote and practice the concept of responsible and slow traveling, which bases on sustainable development and aims to minimize the impact on environment. This attitude is the heart of every adventurous activity we are offering.

We will prepare activities to meet your needs. Very discreet and safe.

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We are flexible. Our proposed trips are just guidelines and you are more than welcome to suggest your preferred activities so we can adjust the schedule according to your wishes. Mountainbiking, hiking, surfing, kiting, climbing, paddling, photographing, you name it, we organize it. Experience the adventure with us, the adventure you’ll never forget, never regret.

Have you already chosen your destination?


  • Do you want to travel differently?
  • Do you want to explore beyond classic tourist destinations, experience the world in its pristine state?
  • Are you the type of person that likes to be constantly on the move?
  • Do you want to try the “nomadic” style of traveling?
  • Do you want to meet the real native people of the land you are traveling through?
  • Would you like to learn about their ways of life, maybe spend the evening together and experience the power of nonverbal communication?
  • Are you an avanturist type of person?
  • Do you like to combine travels with some outdoor activities?
  • Are you searching for vacations with the program that would be personalized to your wishes adapted to your preferred activities, optimized according to the time you have? 

If you answered affirmatively to most of the questions above, you should check our program as it may suit you very well …

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