Enjoy local roads with vehicles that are surprisingly comfortable to drive, even on long journey.

We consider your unique needs, preferences, and experience when preparing overlanding adventure. We find the perfect off-road driving, challenging terrains, remote locations, national parks, wildlife viewing, scenic landscapes, local communities, historical sites, regional cuisines, quiet camping spots, scenic views, leisurely activities.

We select routes with appropriate difficulty levels. Beginners may need well-maintained roads, while experienced overlanders might prefer rugged trails. We offer basic overlanding and off-road driving courses for beginners.


We prepared most popular packages for you, to get you inspired. We are more then excited to prepare Tailor Made Overlanding Adventure for you.


We have years of experiences in preparing overlanding advetures in Slovenia and over the World. Join us.


What do I need for Overlanding?

Clothes: Layers for varying weather conditions, including waterproof gear. Comfortable boots for hiking and camp shoeS.

Other: Sunscreen, sunglasses, and hats.

We prefer small groups and we appreciate your comfort so maximum of two 4x4 per trip. In each 3 (if neccessary 4) people per 4x4 + our driver. Part of the trip is on unpaved roads. Duration up to  4 hours. Suitable footwear, bottle of water and long sleeves is recommended. Part of the trip could take place in Croatia.

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