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Sailing along the Istrian peninsula

Sailing along the Istrian peninsula allows us to adjust the pace to the wishes of the crew. Can be combined with a visit to Istrian seaside towns along the way.


Portopiccolo is an example of good practice in turning an abandoned quarry into a first-class attraction; otherwise an artificial Mediterranean town that is quite lively in the warm part of the year. It is interesting for sailors mainly because it has the possibility of mooring and because it is at just the right distance from our starting point, so that we don’t get too tired when we arrive at our destination and we can enjoy a walk to Devinski Castle or, for example, the same day. a visit to the beach, swimming pool or one of the many bars, restaurants, galleries and shops along the harbor itself or higher up in Sistiana. The sailing direction itself allows for favorable sailing angles, but due to the openness, sailing in stronger winds is a bit undulating. As we cross the entry routes to the two largest ports in the northern Adriatic, we often meet transoceanic ships that inspire us with some awe even from a safe distance.


A visit to Grad, once a small fishing town, but today a popular tourist destination, is a real little adventure because of its difference. It lies at the mouth of the river Po, so it is surrounded by a lagoon on one side, and boasts sandy beaches on the sea side. Due to the low depths of the sea, for sailors this means above all adapting to nature and carefully planning the voyage, as entering the port is only possible through the marked entry channel at a sufficiently high tide and requires a good degree of composure and constant checking of the position on the navigation chart, as well as some experience in knowing the conditions in the channel. That’s why the relief of a safe mooring is so much greater. If the tidal amplitude is high, at low tide it may happen that the sailboat ‘kisses the bottom’ and tilts a little. All of this shapes the schedule of this sailing trip. Since we are crossing the Adriatic Sea, the conditions can be variable in the case of non-constant winds, but in the case of stronger winds from favorable directions, it is already first-class “offshore” sailing pleasures, which for many can be a test of endurance.


Venice does not need to be described in particular. It is probably not far from the truth if we say that they are one of the greatest wonders of the world created by man. Since we have a full day’s sailing towards Venice, the river holds the river, the early hour is the golden hour. Despite possible sleepiness, the early morning departure will enchant us with the pure colors of the sky, sea, hills and coastal towns.
When the sun is high enough and the thermal wind called Maestral starts blowing from the north-west, we will raise the sails and continue sailing towards the Italian coast in calm with a moderate wind. With a bit of luck, dolphins will cheer us on the way. We will stop halfway for a ritual bath while crossing the middle of the Adriatic Sea. We will pass the time in your favorite ways; besides sailing, with sunbathing, board games, telling stories, cooking or simply meditating. We will arrive before Venice (according to our sailing speed – which depends on the weather conditions) in the afternoon. Entering the Venetian lagoon is a first-class and unforgettable experience. The late afternoon colors of the surroundings will awaken in us fairy-tale feelings. We will need about another hour to sail along the canal to one of the marinas.


Brijon can be described in 1000 and one way. From being a botanical surplus to being a favorite haunt of our former Head of State. Since they are islands, they can only be reached by sea.


The starting point is Portorož, where we will board the sailing boat. At the guest’s request and upon agreement, the location of the starting point can also be changed upon prior notice.

Day 1
At the agreed time in the morning, we will meet at the home berth of the vessel. With the right wind, a pleasant and just right long sailing in the company of seagulls and maybe dolphins awaits us in Porto Piccolo. Arriving in the modern but extremely charming “Malo Marina” a few hours later will be an experience for your eyes and mind. The marina has a well-kept beach with swimming pools, a cafe, galleries, shops, a hotel, a restaurant and a pizzeria. From Portopiccolo, you can climb up to Devin in less than an hour along a beautiful walking path and see Devin Castle and its surroundings. The choice is yours. Dinner is in one of the restaurants or optionally also on the vessel.

Day 2
After breakfast, which can be on the vessel or in a nearby cafe, we slowly head out to sea, where we unfurl the sails and set sail for a day full of experiences, which we end at the home berth. With prior agreement, we can also stop in Trieste on the way home.


  • Renting a sailboat with a skipper
  • Drinking water in a bottle
  • Cleaning
  • Bed linen
  • Mooring
    Not included:
  • Towels
  • Hostess
  • Food
  • Transfer from the accommodation to the vessel

Small print

The experience is available for a group of up to 4 people.

The meeting place is usually at the berth of the vessel. Departure time is flexible. The transfer of the vessel to any other meeting point is already counted in the trip time.

For children, it is recommended that they know how to swim. Appropriately sized life jackets are available and must be worn while sailing.

In case of bad weather, the sailing will be canceled and rescheduled to the first possible date that will suit. As a last resort, we will refund the money.

Recommended equipment on the vessel:

  • Sunglasses and hat
  • Long sleeves/long pants of bright colors and breathable materials, preferably with UV protection
  • Outside of summer, a windbreaker and other clothing suitable for the conditions
  • Clean shoes with white rubber soles (if the guests on the vessel do not want to be barefoot).
  • Mask and fins for diving
  • Own towel

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