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On land our vehicles of choice are legendary 4×4 Toyota Landcruisers and others.

Landcruiser is widely aknowledged among overland community as ones of the most reliable vehicles built so far and also a successful synthesis of serious off-road capable vehicles that are suprisingly comfortable to drive, even on long journeys. Their technology is well proven over decades of professional use and abuse (UN, NGO, military, desert taxis …) plus they are spred all around the world, even in the most remote places, so finding spare parts in the case of need is a non-issue. Every vehicle we use is air-conditioned and thoughtfully modified for overland cruising. For short, one-day trips, one vehicles can accept up to 8 people, but for longer adventures we prefer comfort, so 3 persons plus driver per vehicle is our preffered combination.

We provide also other vehicles…tell us your wishes.

If you have your own overland veichle and would like to join us, you are more then welcome. We offer transportation of motorbikes to the destination of your choice and can also arrange a support vehicle.

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